Curtis Family Web Site


Welcome to the Curtis Family domain! Here you will find lots of different things for our extended family.

Who we are is a good question with a long answer. The nucleus of our extended family is the family of Tom and Sandra Curtis and their children. Tom Curtis was born in Adrian, Michigan. Sandra Curtis was born in Pensacola, FL. Now here's where the story gets complicated so follow along if you can. Sandra married Billy Hogue shortly after she graduated from high school in Pensacola. Billy and Sandra had two boys, Michael and David, then divorced. Sandra married Tom Curtis and moved to Columbia, SC. Tom and Sandra then had a girl, Kimberly. To further complicate things, Tom legally adopted Michael and David so their surnames changed from Hogue to Curtis.

All of that was many years ago and since then the children have grown up, married, divorced, remarried and have their own children. All of us together are the Curtis Extended family.

Ok, so now you know who we are! That wasn't so bad, now was it? So welcome to our web site! We're glad you stopped by.

-Michael Curtis